Moisture meter

Krishi Yantra Ghar

Moisture meter
  • Material kind from:
Material kind  Meterial code Metrial kind  Metrial Code
Japonica paddy P1 Rapeseed Residue P11
Bean P2 Granule feedstuff P12
wheat P3 Sunflower seed P13
Raspeseed P4 Watermelon Seed (Big) P14
Maize  P5 Watermelon (small) P15
Barely P6 Raadish seed P16




P7 Black sesame P17
Rice P8 Yellow sesame P18
Bean Residue P9 Cottonseed P19
Peanut P10 Cotton residue P20

1.Notice beafore using

1.Open the package and find material flow cup,funnel,cleaning brush,200g weight and battery in it.

2.Main parts LDS-1G Moisture Measure:for example 

1. Funnel

2.Drop Barrel

3.Materials Door Switch 

5.Mterial gate