Oil Machine

Krishi Yantra Ghar

Oil Machine


3-6kg/hr (According to the material)
Voltage  220V/110V
Motor Power 350W
Net Weight 10.5kg
Metrial  304# food grade stainless steel 
Machine Dimension 448*180*295mm
Packing size 570*290*355mm

1.Home Mini Oil Press machine 

Oil Processing machine

Herbal Oil extraction machine 

2.The Motor is industery motor that it can continue working for more than 5 hour.we suggest it works for 5 hours,and take a rest for about 1 hours.That will be good for  the machine .

3.oil exctracting rate is up to 45% which depends on the oil seed .

4.Easy to operate,clean and move.

5.Working capacity (Just for referaqnce):

Materials                          Efficiency                       Oil Yield

Peanut                             4kg/hr                             1.8kg/hr

Sesame                           6kg/hr                              3kg/hr

Sunflower                        4kg/hr                              1.8kg/hr

Linen Aberdeen                5kg/hr                              1.6kg/hr

Walnut                             4.5kg/hr                             2.1kg/hr

* How To store the oil

After putting in room Temperature above 15C for one night,oil and thick liquid will separate automatically,and it does not need filtering:the longer it is placed,better separation effect is: after they are completely separeted,bottle it and put into fridge,orkeep it at room.

हामि कहाँ सानो ठुलो तोरी,सूर्यमुखी,बदाम,सुरबुजे लगायत अन्य तेल निकाल्ने सम्पुर्ण औजार मेसिनहरु उपलब्ध छ  ....

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