Pig Nipple

Krishi Yantra Ghar

PIG Nipple Drinker 

Introduction to Duck-Billed Pig Nipple Drinker 

Duck-Billed pig nipple drinker consists of valve body,valve plug,sealing ring,return spring,corking,sieve,etc.The valve body and valve plug are made of brass and stainless steel, the  return spring and corking are made of engineering plastics.The overall structure are simple and corrosion-resisant.

The Working Process:-When pig wishes to drink,they hold the drinker in its mouth and bite the valve rod to let the water  go through the gap of the valve plug and sealing ring.When pig stops biting,the returnspring will haul back the valve rod,and the gasps is sealed again to stop the water flowing.This kind of pig nipple drinker has good sealed performance and slow water flowing,convenient for pig to drink.

Duck-billed Pig Nipple Drinker Application:-There're two kinds of duck-billed drinker,the small one with flow of 2-3L/min ,and the big one with flow of 3-4L/min.The small one is suit for piglet,and the big one is suit for fattening pig and adult pig.

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Pig Drinker Installation:-The angle of installation is 45°C or horizontal,and the terrain clearance depends on pig's weight.The drinker should be installed in defecation area,which is away from pig's resting aera.The pig nipple drinker needs to be checked regularrly,clean the dirties,adjust and strength the screws,The component should be changed timely if there's any malfunction.

Nipple Piglet Drinker:-The greatest features of pig nipple drinker is simple structure.It is composed by shell,mandrill and steel ball.When pig wishes to drink,it pushes the mandril and the water goes through the gap pf shell,mandril and steel ball.When pig stops pushing,the water pressure and the weight of steel ball and mandril will make them tight coupling,so the water will stop flowing immediately.This kind of pig drinker has strong filtration capacity for sands or other impurities,nipple drinker must reduce the pressure when it is put into use,in oder to avoid the water flow too fast for pig to drink.

Install Method of Piglet Nipple Drinker;-The angle of installation is 45°C-75°C and the terrain clearance for piglets is 25-30cm,for growing pig (3-6 months' old) is 50-60cm,and for adult pigs is 75-85cm.


                                                                                                                                                                      Drinker Specifications

Pig Nipple
Model Type Thread dia. Material Net Weight Length Flux Application
ND-602 Duck-billed G1/2" Brass 65G 61mm 3000ml/min Nipple for pig
ND-702 Duck-billed G1/2" Copper planting 84G 70mm 3000ml/min Nipple for pig
ND-802 Duck-billed G1/2" Stainless steel 86G 70mm 3000ml/min Nipple for pig
ND-805 Duck-billed G1/2" Stainless steel 55G 61mm 2000ml/min Nipple for pig
ND-808 Nipple type G1/2" Stainless steel 83G 64mm 3000ml/min Nipple for pig
ND-828 Duck-billed G1/2" Stainless steel 124G 71mm 3000ml/min Nipple for sow