Plastic Slatted Floor

Krishi Yantra Ghar

Composite Plastic Floor for Pig Fram 


1. Keep the pig stall clean and healthy environment.

2.Reduce the contacts between pig and dung.

3.Corrosion resisatant,easy to clean,save the time of manual dung cleaning.

4.Protective effects to the piglets.

5.Provide a superior farroeing platfrom.

6.Effective dung leaking,easy to clean and install.

7.Thickening floor,strong compression resistance make it impossible to break by pigling.

8.Different colors can be produced according to customers requirement.

Plastic Slat Floor for Animal Farm
Technical Data
Length 1100mm
Width 580mm
Thickness 35mm


Plastic Floor
                                             Plastic Floor Specification
Assembled eith plastic floor Flat and firm surface
Leak dung effectively,easy to clean Great strength,tensibility





1.High strength,smooth surface,easy to install,easy to clean.

उच्च शक्ति, चिल्लो सतह, फिट गर्न सजिलो हुने, सफा गर्न सजिलो हुने।

2.No harm to piglets foot .

सुँगुरको खुट्टामा कुनै हानि हुदैन 

3.Can service for many years.

धेरै बर्ष सम्म प्रयोग गर्न सकिन्छ,र टिकाउ हुने 

4.Better heat conservation for the weaning piglet health and growth.

राम्रो हुने बंगुर को लागि स्वास्थ्य राम्रो हुने र उत्पादन धेरै हुने 

5.Non-Slipt,strongand long-durability.

बलियो र लामो समय सम्म टिक्ने 

हामी कहाँ बंगुर लाई चाहिने काठ को ठाउमा प्लास्टिक को फ्लोर प्रयोग गर्न सकिन्छ,किटाणु बाट बचाउन सकिने रोग बाट बचाउन सकिने हुदा यो फ्लोर धेरै उपोग छ र बुटवल मा र नेपाल लगायत सबै जिल्ला मा उपलब्ध छ.

Plastic flooring can be used in place of wood where we need Pig, this floor is very useful as it can be protected from germs and diseases and is available in Butwal and all districts including Nepal.