Powder combined machine

Krishi Yantra Ghar

Manual of Rice and powder combined machine
                   Model Number                       NFL6.0I-19ZSIID
    Rice Milling      Roller diameter     Rotary speed    Productions
             60mm        1400 r/min    >140kg/h
    Crushing     Rotor diameter       Rotary speed      Productivity
         190mm        5500 r/min       >310kg/h
      Motor           2.5HP            Power     220 V, 50HZ

Product Description

Rice Mill and Powder Crusher Combined Machine

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Two functions. the first one, It can skin paddy, corn and bean etc. Second one, It also has the crushing ability, make rice, wheat, grain sorghum, corn, spice, and chili powder or granuls.

When do paddy skinning, it will finish the chaff, whiteness the rice and separate the whole rice from the broken at one go.

Easy to operate. If you want to use the milling function, start the machine, just put the switch at the rice milling function. With the adjustable handle, increase the pressure, it will be done. If use the powder crushing, put the switch at the powder crushing function. Control the material inlet or change the inner screen, feed the material, it will be done.

Full enclosed design, the chaff and powder can be collected in bags, non-pollution is realized.

Convenient to maintain. Just open the upper cover, the inner of the machine can be checked and cleaned.

Can be in fixed and removable situation, there are slipped pulleys fixed at the bottom of the machine.

Safe job. It can normally work in full loading condition, no worry at all for overloading or long working time.

Product Feature

1. two functions, rice mill and crusher.

2. small size, big processing rate.

3. easy operation, just use the switch to control the machine.

Application / Models

paddy peeling: threshe paddy to be rice, and seperate broken size from the whole one.

Powder making: make grain powder and granual, such as rice, corn and bean powder, and also chili powder.